Laundry Room Makeover

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I was so excited about redoing this little room but knew I was going to need Pieter’s help.  It really was a sad little room.

Room Layout

The laundry room had a door to the hallway, and also an outside door to the covered porch.  This was a huge plus, since all wet towels and bathing suits could come directly to the laundry room, and didn’t have to go dripping through the house.

Inside, we had space for a washer and dryer, as well as the electrical panel for the house and a large water heater.  A small cabinet was mounted above the washer and dryer.  As for walls, we had a combination of drywall, wood paneling, pegboard and a strange pink (!) wall that looked like fake countertop material.  Pieter and I knew we had to take everything out first, to get this fixed properly.

Laundry Room - Before

Demo and Rebuilding

We gave ourselves two weekends to do this and started by clearing everything out.  Both the washer and dryer got moved to the covered screened in porch and we started with removing the weird wall material.  I decided to keep the wall paneling since it was next to the water heater and we didn’t want to risk damaging it.  I also liked the pegboard wall.  All the rest came down and was replaced with regular drywall.  We also added new baseboards and molding.

I used some peel and stick vinyl floor tiles and installed this over the existing floor.  I found mine on Amazon – they come in different colors, but the silver spruce color looked really great with our color scheme. We painted the cabinet a darker grey, and also picked a grey paint for all the walls, including the paneling and the pegboard.   They now looked unified instead of three obviously different walls.  All trim, molding and also the wooden doors to the electrical panel, were painted white for a nice clean look.

Finishing Touches

I did not like being able to see the water heater but knew it should be easily accessible and cannot be covered permanently.  In the end, I re-purposed the original closet doors from one of the bedrooms, by fitting them together using hinges.  This gave me a perfect visual cover and it was free.

Laundry Room - Hiding the Water Heater

I added a shelf under the cabinet and stapled colorful window valances to the underside.  This gave me some fun color and also hid the electrical connections and water hoses behind the washer and dryer.

The pegboard came in very handy and by adding hooks, I was able to hang the ironing board, and some artwork and hooks for bags and clothes.

Artwork and Accents

I created most of the artwork for the laundry room myself.  I reused two small canvases (the kids practised their painting skills on these a while ago) and covered them with their old t-shirts.  I stapled them to the back and removed all the excess material.

I found an old wooden frame at a thrift store, and after painting it the same shade of grey as the cabinet, inserted a piece of material I had leftover from the shelf.

The ironing board got a new cover and I added a fun, colorful rug to the floor.  I also added a basket and some small knickknacks to the shelf.

Laundry Room - After

Moving on to the hallway, bathroom and hall closet.

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