Welcome to GariesGirl!

Welcome to my blog!

If you are here you are either curious about my family’s move from South Africa to the United States or you might have clicked on a post about one of my favorite pass times – DIY projects!  Either way, I’m glad to have you and excited to share my life with you.

Moving from South Africa to the United States

Moving is never easy.  And moving from one country to another is just that much more difficult and challenging.  It doesn’t matter how you approach it – it is a major adjustment and not a process to jump in to without doing your research and preparation.  I write about the steps we took and how the American adventure is unfolding for my family.  It has been an interesting process and not without some ups and downs.  But I won’t have it any other way.  I love where I live and I love my new country.

I would love to take you back to the beginning of our adventure.  It starts with my post titled How Did We End Up Here?

Keeping Busy with DIY Projects

Ever since moving to the United States, the whole DIY movement spoke to me.  I am fascinated with everything DIY related.  From television shows to my own little projects.  I started out small but as time went by, tried my hand at some larger projects as well.  Keeping costs low is always one of my big priorities and I’m constantly looking for ways to reuse items or make ugly rooms and things pretty.

To understand my DIY fascination a bit better, read my post called Why I Love to DIY.  I would not have been able to immerse myself in projects without the help of my family.  My husband Pieter discovered a very handy side of himself and the kids and extended family have all participated in one of my projects at one time or another.

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Happy reading!