Bedside Table Makeover

Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl

This week I was restless again and walking around the house looking for a project. I ended up in Simon’s bedroom and decided it was time to refresh his ugly bedside tables. We bought these for $50 from a previous neighbor almost 7 years ago and it was way past time for a makeover. They were very sturdy, but not pretty to look at, so repainting them was the perfect solution.

While I was studying them in Simon’s room, I realized that they were actually quite large. Maybe too large for his room and a paint update will not change that. It was while I was in his room, that I got another big idea. Our own bedside tables were smaller, and since we switched to a larger bed a couple of years ago, no longer a perfect fit. The height was actually the main issue. Our new bed is much higher, so the bedside tables are too low. I never considered swapping them out before, since they matched another cabinet in our room.

Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
Existing Bedside Tables

But, I took out the measuring tape and measured back and forth between the two rooms. Our bedside tables will be the perfect height for Simon’s bed and will match the color of his custom desk and shelving, while his ones (after a paint upgrade) would be the perfect height and size for our bedroom. So it was decided to switch them out and start the painting process.

Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
Existing Bedside Tables

Prepping for Paint

We removed the drawers and carried both bedside tables down to the garage. At least this time no one was hurt on the stairs. Ever since that fall, I’ve been very careful when carrying furniture up and down…

You don’t want to sand and paint in a carpeted bedroom – too much dust and dirt. Pieter got excited about my newest project and soon he took over the sanding process. You want to sand your wooden furniture before you start the painting process so that the paint has the best chance of adhering to the furniture piece.

We removed the old hardware (and threw those away) and added new drawer pulls to the shopping list.


Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
First Coats of Paint

I prefer using paint with a built-in primer. I don’t mind doing multiple coats, but don’t see the point in a separate primer that is a different color. We used a paintbrush as well as a small roller, to get the best coverage. After a couple of coats, they were really starting to look much better. The top of a bedside table is the one area that is definitely going to see some traffic. And it will also be the most visible area of the piece and any imperfections would stand out. After multiple coats of paint, we were still left with some roller marks. Just couldn’t get those smoothed out.

Finishing the Tops

It was time to shop for drawer pulls, so we just added some grey spray paint to the shopping list. Drawer pulls got expensive over the last couple of years, or maybe they always were, but we went with very plain (and affordable) silver ones. No need to make a statement here. And we picked up some spray paint.

Back home, we sprayed both tops and left them to dry. Here too we repeated a couple of coats but felt we could still see the spray paint marks. So we switched tactics and did a mix of spray paint and rolling. Pieter would spray a layer, and while wet, I would smooth it out with the paint roller. And this did the trick for us.

The new drawer pulls were plain and reused the existing holes in the drawers.

Macy Enjoying the Newly Finished Tops

Room Updates

We left our new bedside tables in the garage for a couple of days to get rid of the paint fumes. Not sure if it was the last couple of coats of spray paint, but they were really smelly. Simon was away at college, so not having any bedside tables in his room was not a problem at all.

After a couple of days, the freshly painted bedside tables were finally ready to move to our bedroom. I unpacked both of our bedside tables, moved them out to Simon’s room, and carried in our newly painted bedside tables. After a mini purge, the remaining items from my previous bedside table made their way into the new drawers.

Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
Painted Bedside Tables

Of course, when you start moving things around you find more updates that can be made. I recently made a fabric-covered frame and wanted to keep it above our bed. That meant I had to find a new spot for my DIY Textured Canvas, but the colors weren’t a good fit for Simon’s room. So I just used more drywall joint compound and covered the painted area. This also allowed me to smooth out the swirly pattern and create a more linear design. I left it white to lighten up his room and really love it now.

Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
Fabric Art and Newly Painted Bedside Tables
Bedside Table Makeover - Garies Girl
DIY Textured Canvas

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