DIY Projects with Fabric

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I recently tidied up my office/craft room and came across a collection of left over fabric.  Not a large collection, but it made me think a bit. I just had no idea that I’ve completed so many DIY projects using fabric over the years! So what have I created over the years? Here is my list:

Fabric Projects - Garies Girl

Created a Jewelry Display

We redecorated my daughter’s room and needed a way to organize and display her collection of jewelry.  I had some leftover foam board, corkboard and fabric and quickly created an easy wall hanging.

After glueing the corkboard to the foam board, attached fabric to the front and stapled it into place on the back.  I added a picture frame hook to the back and simply hung it on her wall.  She now uses pushpins to organize and hang all her necklaces and bracelets.  It is tucked away enough to not create unnecessary visual clutter but keeps everything together for easy access.

Fabric - Jewelry Display - Garies Girl
Jewelry Display

Covered an Ugly Chair

I bought a chair at a thrift store a while ago and used it in my guest room.  The brown color worked with the rest of the décor and I soon forgot about the chair.  Then I changed the accent color in our main bedroom, which meant the yellow décor items moved into the guest room.  It included a yellow accent chair and I had to find a new home for my brown chair.

It moved up to my office but now it needed an inexpensive makeover.  Originally, I wanted to reupholster the whole chair but realized that an easier way would be an extra layer of fabric. So after some fabric shopping, spray adhesive and lots of staples, I now have a grey chair that blends in nicely with the colors in my office.

Here is a link to the complete project: Chair Makeover.

Chair Makeover - Garies Girl
Chair Makeover

Covered Ugly Cork Boards

The room that I currently use as my office, had two corkboards on the wall when we moved in.  These were glued to the wall and I knew it would not be easy to remove them. My only option was to cover them with fabric and that is exactly what I did.  Fabric was a perfect solution here, especially since it easily accommodates pushpins. Now my corkboards are bright and fun and not an eyesore anymore.

Here is a link to the complete project: Corkboard Makeover.

Corkboard After

Created Wall Art

Our bed doesn’t have a headboard, which means I needed a big art piece above the bed. Shopping for the right piece took too long, so I finally just made my own.

I built a simple wooden frame and stretched fabric over it. Make sure you cut your fabric to fit over the sides and around the back of the frame and staple the fabric to the wood. Yes, that was the whole project! I picked a blue and grey floral design so that I didn’t have to worry about lines in the pattern. If you use a linear design, make sure it lines up with your frame.

Fabric over Wooden Frame - Garies Girl
Fabric over Frame Artwork

Decorated Magazine Holders

I bought some plain white magazine holders at Ikea and wanted to jazz them up a bit. Since I kept them in our main bedroom at the time, I wanted them to match the rest of my black and green design theme.

I settled on only using some of the designs on the fabric, so I used scissors to cut around the designs and glued them to the fronts of the magazine holders. The rest of the design was made by hand, using a black sharpie.

Decorated Magazine Holders

When it became time for these magazine holders to move into my office, I replaced the fabric cut-outs with some gift paper cutouts and immediately these blended in with my new décor.

Covered Picture Frames

A Hobby Lobby find from some time ago, got an upgrade when I covered the frame with fabric. Originally, these were painted pink and decorated with artificial flowers to fit in my daughter’s room. Now they match the chair fabric in my office. Quick and easy!

Fabric - Photo Frames - Garies Girl
Fabric Photo Frames

Cover Bench Cushions

Still, in my office, my built-in benches had pink cushions when we bought the house. Here, I removed the old fabric from the bench cushions and recovered them with the same fabric I used on my office cork boards.

Bench Cushions

Window Valances

I felt like the windows in my office needed curtains, but both windows are short and curtains would hang right on top of the built-in furniture. I changed direction and decided on window valances instead. I measured and cut my fabric, and then used iron-on tape to hem the edges and create a pocket for the curtain rod. Have you used this product before? It is a game-changer for those of us who love to work with fabric, but doesn’t own a sewing machine.

Big impact – low on labor!

Window Valances

Brighten Up Shelves

There was this awkward space behind my washer and dryer, so to cover it up, we added wall brackets and built a shelf. I cut a narrow strip of fabric and stapled it to the front of the shelf. The fabric-covered the awkward gap and provided a fun pop of color to my laundry room.

Fabric on Shelves - Garies Girl
Cover a Shelf

Framed It

You might not have thought about it before, but fabric can also be framed as art. I had a thrift store frame that I wanted to use in my laundry room. I painted the frame grey and simply stapled a piece of leftover fabric to the back of the frame. Last thing to do – is hang it on the wall. Can it be any easier?

Framed Fabric

And there you have it! Ten easy projects with fabric. What are you going to cover next?

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