Halloween Must Haves for Under $35

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Halloween is almost here! Are you excited for this interesting holiday? I know I am. Halloween is a great excuse to decorate your house and outside areas, to create creepy snacks and host some friends for a creepy get together. It is an opportunity to be a kid again, in my humble opinion.

If you are looking for some items to decorate around your house, look no further. I’ve created a handy list for you. Order online and have them delivered. No crowds, no driving, no digging through store shelves.

Halloween Must Haves for 2021 - Garies Girl

10 Halloween Must Haves for Under $35

Spider Web Decor

Spiderwebs are usually a Halloween staple and you can see them all over neighborhoods. Take it up a notch with this giant spider web. It even comes with one large scary spider and 100 small spiders that can be used on the web or all around your house. It can be installed very easily and is reusable, which is my favorite type of decoration. For just $27.98, this is a great deal!

Halloween Spider Web - Garies Girl
Spider Web

Skeleton Lawn Stakes

How about a realistic-looking skeleton that is trying to claw its way out of the ground? Installation cannot be easier – just press the bottom of each arm into the ground or your lawn, and place the head between them. Order yours quickly – this one is $27.74.

Halloween Skeleton Lawn Stakes - Garies Girl
Skeleton Lawn Stakes

Giant Indoor/Outdoor Spider

I really love to decorate/scare with spiders. And the bigger the better! This giant spider measures 10 feet and is one of the largest spiders available. Even better, you can decide if you want to use it inside or outside. With thick black fur and creepy red eyes, you just can’t go wrong purchasing one! Now selling for just $28.00.

Halloween Giant Spider - Garies Girl
Giant Spider

Witch with Lights, Motion and Sound Effects

How would you like to scare your trick-or-treaters with this beauty? She looks like she is crawling on the ground and with the motion and sound activation function, it could be a great jump scare. The eyes flash and it makes some scary witch sounds – a great addition to your Halloween props!

At $33.95, she is a bit more pricey than the other items on this list but well worth it! Look at that face!

Halloween Witch - Garies Girl
Crawling Witch

Witch Lawn Stakes

Another witch-themed decoration that will make a huge impact this year, is this yard sign. Two witches, stirring a cauldron with a black cat in the background – what can be scarier? Create some dimension by putting the life-size cat silhouette close to your trick-or-treaters, with the smaller witches further back. Another easy installation – just push the stakes into the ground.

As a bonus, the package also includes string lights and fluorescent eye stickers, all for $18.99.

Halloween Witch Lawn Stakes - Garies Girl
Witch Skeletons

Hanging Skeleton Ghost

I love hanging props from tree limbs so that they can move and turn in the wind. To me, that is such an easy decoration to put up and scare my visitors with. This package includes one taller skeleton ghost and two smaller ones. Use them together, or in separate areas. They can be used inside or outside. This one is currently selling for $25.99.

Halloween Hanging Skeletons - Garies Girl
Hanging Skeleton Ghosts

Hanging Rubber Bats

Another decoration that is perfect to hang up around the house is some rubber bats. I would just buy a couple of these if I were you. For $13.99 you get 10x rubber bats in different sizes. They are very realistic looking and made from a rubber material. Reuse them every year in different places.

Halloween Hanging Bats - Garies Girl
Hanging Rubber Bats

Crawling Zombie

While you get many stationary props for indoor or outdoor use, this zombie includes a sound sensor and a motion motor. It will swing its arm and turn its head while its eyes glow red and it makes a terrible zombie sound. For $29.99 you might even want to buy a couple!

Halloween Crawling Zombie - Garies Girl
Crawling Zombie

Cocoon Corpse

If you are going with some spider-themed decorations, you might as well include a cocoon corpse. Another decoration that features glowing eyes and that is voice-activated for just $27.98. This decoration can be stretched out and hung from your house, placed flat on the ground or it can be posed in a sitting position. Very versatile!

Halloween Cocoon Corpse - Garies Girl
Cocoon Corpse

Fake Bloody Body Parts

Last, but not least. If you prefer something a bit more gross, then fake body parts are your type of decoration. Buy a couple and create some scary displays in or around the house. Very affordable at just $28.99.

Halloween Body Parts - Garies Girl
Fake Body Parts

And there you have it – my list of 10 Halloween Must Haves for under $35. Of course, I have a solution for those of you who want to make some decorations yourself. Check out my homemade window silhouettes – very easy to do!

Window Decorations for Halloween

Check out how we decorated for Halloween 2021!

Happy Halloween

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