5 Tips for Undecorating Halloween

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There are so many posts and videos available on how to Decorate for Halloween, that I felt it was definitely time to talk about Undecorating Halloween.

What is Undecorating Halloween, you might ask? Well, it is the act of removing/clearing all the decorations that went up to celebrate Halloween of course. Halloween decorating in reverse. I take about a week to undecorate my house. For the most part, I don’t want to go from decorated to bare in one day – too big a shock to my system. I like to take my time and do a little bit every day. I start with the big stuff and leave my wall decorations up till the last day. To read more about my Undecorating process, read Undecorating Halloween.

5 Tips for Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl

Tip #1 – Stay Focused: Once you are ready to undecorate Halloween, keep the focus on just that function. Go room by room, and only remove the Halloween decorations. Do not start cleaning or moving furniture or packing away other items. Otherwise, undecorating Halloween will take forever! Trust me on this one. It is easy to get caught up in all the other tasks on your to-do list, and if you lose focus, your whole house will be in a state.

I started to take down my window decorations, and notice some areas around the windows that need cleaning. It was very tempting to run for the cleaning supplies, but not only would that distract me from undecorating, it will make the whole undecorating process take twice as long! Mental Note: Go clean the foyer window!

Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl
Stay Focused

Tip #2 – Gather Decorations in One Area: It is far easier to sort and pack away decorations if you have everything together in one space. For me, that space is the foyer, but you might have a different area where you don’t mind having a mess for the undecorating duration.

I started with some of the inside decorations and just used one of my empty containers to put them all in for now. Towards the end of the week, all my outside decorations were taken down and also gathered here in the foyer.

Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl
Gather Decorations

Tip #3 – Take your Time: You don’t have to undecorate all at once. I take the whole week and remove little bits of Halloween decorations here and there, as I have time. As a bonus, I get to enjoy my decorations for one more week, and I’m not a tired, stressed-out mess. There aren’t any rules and nobody is expecting you to do it all at once.

My wall cutouts were my favorite decoration this year. So I left them in place till the last minute.

Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl

Tip #4 – Store what you want to Reuse: Only store those decorations that you love and want to use again next season. Now is the time to throw some old items away (or recycle them), since you know what was used and what never even came out of your containers in the first place.

I sort through all my items and group them together before placing them into my storage containers. Anything that is broken, or that wasn’t used, just doesn’t go into storage at all.

Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl
Sorting Decorations

Tip #5 – Storage Solutions: Having all the decorations together in similar containers makes a world of difference. I have two plastic storage containers for all my small items and store the rest of my bigger pieces in the storage bench in my foyer. I can quickly grab my two containers, bring them up to the foyer and unpack/pack Halloween decorations.

Do you need some containers? I found these containers on Amazon and love that you can see the contents and that it has buckles to safely secure the lid.

Undecorating Halloween - Garies Girl
Storage Containers

There you have it! My Top 5 Tips for Undecorating Halloween!

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