DIY Halloween Wreath

DIY Halloween Wreath - GariesGirl

My Christmas wreath was still the one I purchased from a thrift store the year we arrived in the US. In other words, I’ve been the owner for 9 years and it was already looking “loved” when I got it. As time has gone by, more and more pieces fell off until it became a very sad and embarrassing old Christmas wreath. So when I decided a couple of days ago that I needed a Halloween wreath and I might as well repurpose my Christmas one, I fully expected it to not be in this house anymore. I clearly remember deciding that last Christmas would be its Last Christmas, so surely I followed through and trashed it at the end of the season. But no, and lucky for this project, back then I still packaged it up and stored it with all my other decorations.

So here we have it – a perfect base for my DIY Halloween Wreath project!

Project List

  • Old Christmas Wreath
  • Spray-paint
  • Dollar Store Halloween Decorations
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Remove Unwanted Decorations

I removed a remaining couple of pine cones, some Christmas decorations and one lonely red bow. I left the round golden decorations in place, thinking that they will look much less Christmassy once they get a couple of layers of spray paint. Some of the pieces needed to be cut free while others just pulled out of the wreath base.

Step 2: Spray-paint your Wreath

I used a flattened trash bag to protect my outside table and quickly gave my wreath base a couple of layers of spray paint. Of course, the black paint I had leftover from another project was almost finished, so my first two layers were done using brown paint. This was also left over from when I painted my wooden window blinds. I was able to get a nice solid layer of black out of the can and it really covered the brown completely. I left the painted wreath outside for the whole day so that it could dry properly.

Step 3: Glue on Halloween Decorations

I shopped for some Halloween items on a recent trip to Dollar Tree. I also picked up small skulls, some plastic eyeballs and a large fake spider skeleton and spent $3 plus tax on these items. I also raided my craft closet for anything else that would work here, and found an unopened bag of googly eyes. Really not sure why I have those or what I bought those for originally. Do you also accumulate random craft supplies?

I tested my decoration layout first and decided not to include the plastic eyeballs after all. The white stood out too much. I glued on all the little skull decorations, my spider and the googly eyes. I even created a grouping of the small googly eyes for a better effect.

Step 4: Install and Admire

Installation was a breeze – I just reused my over-the-door wreath hanger and that was it! If you don’t have a wreath hanger, you can easily hang this with fishing line and a picture hook (against a wall) or use a removable command hook on your door. I now have a very personalized Halloween wreath that I can hang inside or outside (depending on my mood) and I spent a grand total of $2.10 to get it all done.

You can easily create your own by reusing a thrift store wreath and glueing on Halloween Decorations from any of the many Dollar stores in your area. This can still be very budget friendly even if you have to go buy a brand-new can of spray paint!

Want to see more of my budget-friendly DIY Halloween decorations – head over to the Cheap Window Decorations for Halloween post or make your own Halloween Snow Globe. Would you rather order some items online? Not to worry, I have a handy list ready for you Halloween Must Haves!

Happy Halloween

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