What Happened to Garies Girl?

So the new year is a little more than two months old and you have not heard from me at all so far.  Some of you might have noticed my absence (lie if you have to, my ego is fragile), but most of you were probably too busy with your own lives to even register my blogging laziness (ok, don’t lie, you can admit you didn’t even notice). Yes, I posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook here and there, but I have not written a single blog post since the start of the new year.  Well, if I want to be 100% honest here, no new posts since the 21st of December last year.

What Happened to Garies Girl

I wish I can say I was just too busy with my regular 9 to 5, or life, the kids or the house or even better, a bunch of small projects, but no.  I was just tired.  Just tired and sitting around doing nothing.  And even tired needs explaining.  I was not tired due to physical activity, I was just generally speaking tired.  Please tell me I’m not the only one?  Is it the dreaded after Christmas blues?  Or the more complicated “miss everyone” feeling?  Or related to winter and too little sunlight?  I don’t know.  And as a way of getting through this, I’m not even going to try and figure it out anymore.  I can only deal with this the only way I know how to – get off my butt and get busy again.

Time to Get Busy Again

I have made some decisions and it is time to start writing again and to get busy on my project list.  Or more accurately, time to start a project list.  I had such fun fixing up our fireplace, I really have to get that feeling back.  My house is not perfect and it isn’t my plan to make it perfect.  I just want it to work for me and my family and to not cause additional anxiety or be the cause of any “dark” feelings.  I might be late to the “New Year, New You” game, but better late than never.

Garies Girl Fireplace After
Fireplace Makeover

So here is my plan:  Start with a list of 10 small items/areas that need fixing/updating.  I’m not talking about anything super difficult or expensive here.  I’m talking about those little areas of your house that are always at the back of your mind and that you will get to “someday”.  For me, that day is now.  I have created my list of 10 items that I want to fix/get done and completing that list will be my main priority this month.

Ten Days of Small Fixes around the House – post coming soon!

My second list covers all the areas I want to organize or improve visually in our house.  As always, I don’t want to spend a fortune – I just want to improve our house and our way of living by making things easier and/or prettier for me.  There, I said it.  It is all about me 😉

The first item on that list: Creating a Feature Wall in my Walk-in Closetread all about it here!

Baking and Cooking

My last project is about getting back to my kitchen and to start baking and cooking proper meals again.  I needed a nudge from a new friend to get started on this hobby of mine again.  This week we met at her house and baked/prepped five batches of “beskuit”.  Don’t know what that is?  Beskuit, also known as “rusks” in English, is made from dough, broken or cut into chunks or slices after baking, and then slowly dried in an oven. It is usually dipped briefly into a warm drink such as coffee or tea before being eaten.  In case you wondered, coffee, beskuit and writing blog posts go very well together.

Garies Girl Beskuit
South African Beskuit (Rusks)

So no more sitting around waiting for who knows what and feeling sad and sorry for myself.  Time to get out there, do my thing and tell you all about it.  I am sure you missed me terribly and are as excited as I am about getting up to speed again.

Now, go read about my DIY Wall Stencil project!

DIY Stencil Project

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