From Office to Bedroom

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When we moved into our current home, Sidney picked the room over the garage as her bedroom.  When winter reached Georgia, it became apparent that it was just too cold for her in that space.  I offered to swap rooms with her and in one day, we moved her over into what used to be my office.

Below is a picture of my original office with my “old” desk and chair.  Not so clear is the original blue paint color.  So many ugly cords showing!

Office Before

Both my office and Sidney’s bedroom have the same base decor color (turquoise) and it was quite easy to trade spaces.  I left some of my cube furniture for her to use as additional storage and bought new ones for my office as time went by.  I also left my office curtains (well, technically, they use to be her bedroom curtains in our previous home).

Office Bay Window Before

My son Simon helped us move some of the heavier furniture (her queen-sized bed and my large desk) and Sidney and I moved all of the small items and her clothes.  We moved all of my office furniture into a corner of her old room first, so that there would be space for her bedroom furniture in her new room.  The first (and biggest) to move into the room was her bed.  We only added her Ikea desk and her nightstand.  The room was not big enough to also accommodate my Great Grandmother’s vanity table, so we moved it to the guest room in the basement.

Soon after Sidney moved into her new bedroom, she started asking for a loft bed.  It sounded strange at first (why give up your comfortable big bed?) but she convinced us and I started shopping for a new bed.  I couldn’t find anything that we both liked, not to mention that didn’t look so flimsy and so we decided to build our own version.  After all, we’ve built a bed before!  Her new bed would be a bit smaller, which in turn would open up some floor space in the already small room.

Bedroom After with Loft Bed

The loft bed created enough room to add a futon (also from Amazon) and some additional cube furniture.  We also added a hanging chair to give her some more seating.  This was also bought from Amazon and it is sooooo comfy!!  I find myself “hanging out” there often – lol.  A definite must for any teenager room – you can find it here.

Since Sidney is an avid reader, we knew she needed a new reading lamp.  We found a great option on Amazon and installed it directly to the wall.  She can adjust the light as needed and can turn on and off while in bed.  Click here to get a similar one for your room.

As a side project, I added some LED lighting (found it here) to an existing mirror, and together with some cube storage (purchased from BigLots) it gave her a perfect spot to apply her makeup and do her hair.


Sidney Bedroom Storage

She has played around with her floorplan over the past couple of months (someone had to inherit that trait from me) but settled on the current configuration with the futon placed under the bed and her desk placed in the bay window.

Sidney Bedroom Bay Window After

One of our last projects in her room was to update the closet storage.  Both kids’ closets had only one wire shelf with space for hanging clothes underneath.  This created a lot of wasted space.  We purchased more (!!!) cube storage units from BigLots and added an additional shelf from Home Depot on top.  Hanging space was created on both sides, with an additional bar for hanging pants on one side.

Sidney Closet After

We recently spray-painted her blinds to match the blinds throughout the rest of the house and can finally call her bedroom “done”.  Did you miss that post?  Not to worry – here is a quick link  🙂

Want to see what her old bedroom looks like now?  Follow the “From Bedroom to Office” link to read all about it.

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