Subtle Decorating for Halloween

As always, I really wanted to decorate for Halloween.  But this year, I felt like a more subtle approach was the way to go.  And as usual, I didn’t want to spend any money at all.  I’ve done the DIY Extreme Budget version a couple of years ago – you can read about it here if you missed it – but I wanted to step it up a little bit for this Halloween.

I give to you…. Halloween Lite!

As I have done before, I picked one room to decorate for Halloween.  A couple of years ago it was my hall bath, but this year I felt like my foyer would be perfect to decorate.  The challenge was to keep it subtle and use what I already had.

Decorating the Foyer

I swapped out my usual foyer artwork – a beautiful oil painting of Table Mountain in Cape Town – for my Halloween frame.  This was just an inexpensive picture frame for which I printed inserts right from the internet.  I hung this on the wall using the only string I could find – a bright yellow version.  So on went a fake spider to cover that up.  I had some plastic flies that I used in the garden last year and I just cleaned them up and stuck them to the wall with some clear tape.

Halloween Decorations

My foyer cabinet (a lovely thrift store find from a couple of years ago) got some grey material, a plastic skull, plastic rats and two glass containers with candy corn.  I had this candy corn out as a snack three (ok, maybe four) years ago, and it wasn’t a big hit with my family.  Since then, it has been used as “filler” for my Halloween displays.  I like the bit of color it provides, and of course, the nod to a traditional Halloween.  The fake leaves and roses for the one container were from the Dollar Store.  I actually bought them a couple of years ago and since they were originally a green color, spraypainted them black. On the mirror, another fake spider and more plastic flies.

Halloween Decorations

The bannister got wrapped in bloodstained material.  This was bought at Walmart a couple of years ago and was originally used as a table runner.  I also had this silly “Happy Halloween” banner that I pinned to the wall above the doorway to our living room.  Once that was up, I didn’t like looking at the open doorway, so I pinned some string on the living room side and attached some black paper streamers and black material to create this divider.  Last, but not least, I hung a ghost decoration from the upstairs bannister.  This is actually an outdoor decoration that will move from tree to tree on the supplied rope.  Since our new house does not have two trees close enough, my ghost “hung out” inside.

I really like how subtle my decorations turned out – what do you use for a Subtle Halloween Decoration?

Here is a link to how I reused a lot of these decorations this past Halloween – Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

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