What NOT to Take to College

What NOT to Take to College - Garies Girl

With summer vacations still in full swing, it is difficult to think about those college freshmen and the big move to get them into their first-year dorms. My daughter is going to be a freshman at Georgia College next month and we are already thinking about things to take and things to leave. Here is that post in case you missed it: Preparing for College Move In Day – Again

Trying to be helpful, I’ve asked those who finished their first year to name the items they didn’t use that first year at all. Here are the Top 6 Items:

Too Many Clothes

Yep, this one was top of the list. Taking all kinds of “cute” outfits sounds like a good idea but the reality is that you are still going to go to class in your usual comfy attire. Think jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Trust us, the rest of the clothes are just going to take up room in your closet and make unpacking and packing that much more frustrating.

Also, only take enough clothes for the current season and swap them out again when back home.

Not to Take to College - Garies Girl

Too Many Decorations

I’m not saying don’t bring any decorations – try to limit yourself to a smaller amount of items. I know it is a big thing to decorate your plain old dorm room and make it reflect your personality and style – but keep the number of décor items reasonable. This will not only make moving in easier, but also day-to-day upkeep. I know nobody wants to think of this part, but at the end of your first year, everything has to be packed up again and moved out of the dorm room. Oh! Newsflash: you will be moving it out all by yourself! We’re not planning on helping on that day too 🙂

Fancy Kitchen Gadgets

Going into a dorm? Well, then you don’t need all kinds of fancy kitchen gadgets. Stick to the basics, they really are all you will be using. Huge coffee drinker, then take your coffee machine. Even so, I bet you will enjoy the lattes from the new coffee shop off-campus even more and hardly use your machine…

Do you normally heat up quick meals in a microwave? Then take (or rent) a small microwave. But even this won’t get used nearly as often as you think. You will be enjoying most meals in the cafeteria, utilizing that meal plan mom and dad are paying for. And if you are not in the mood for the cafeteria food, you will dine out or just get takeout from the local restaurants.

Remember to check your dorm rules for what is allowed in the room!

Not to Take to College - Garies Girl


Let’s face it – college dorm rooms have limited space. Lugging this big item around, and only using it a handful of times, is just not worth it. Instead, go to the library and print what needs to be printed there. Someone else will keep up with refilling printer ink and clearing paper jams, not to mention internet connectivity issues. As a bonus, the library is a cool place to spend time in!

Not to Take to College - Garies Girl


This one I saw for myself. We left a larger tote bag with Simon so he could have something to pack his clothes in on those weekend trips back home. Instead, he has been showing up with a laundry bag and basket almost every trip home. Students just don’t travel with luggage 🙂 If you do need luggage to get your belongings to the dorm on Move In Day, ask mom and dad to take it back home with them when they leave. Instead, keep a smaller backpack for those weekends away and utilize the laundry bag or basket for trips back home.

Not to Take to College - Garies Girl

Ironing Board and Iron

Yep, this one had to be listed. Come on peeps! Have you ever even used an iron while you lived back home? No? Then you will definitely not use it in your new dorm. Who even has time to iron? And why did you pack clothes that wrinkle so easily? Did you miss the item at the top of my list?

Luckily I have a solution – take your clothes out of the dryer as soon as it finishes and fold or hang them right away. If you still have any wrinkles after doing this use wrinkle spray!

Not to Take to College - Garies Girl

What did you wish you left behind when you moved into your first dorm room?

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