Life in the States – He is Off to College!

Life in the States - He is Off to College - Garies Girl

It happened! Our oldest child is off to college and we just moved him into his new dorm room, campus and town! We are so proud of him, so happy that he gets to experience this new and exciting part of life, that will bring him another step closer to adulthood and the “real world”.

Welcome to Georgia Southern University!

We moved to the US when Simon was 9. Exactly ten years ago today, August 8th 2011, he started his Elementary School journey. I remember waving to both him and Sidney when Mr. Lamar and the big yellow (and oh so American) bus picked them up for their first day of school. They have been dreaming of this day since they knew we were moving the the USA and couldn’t wait to go to school. The bus was a huge bonus in their opinion. They were full of stories when they got home, still smiling and happy, and I knew right then that they will be just fine in our new home country.

First Day of School in the USA – Aug 8, 2011

Elementary school was a fun experience for all of us. Parent involvement is really welcomed and encouraged over here and I was happy to find my new purpose after our big move. Not only did the kids make many friends, but I met and made friends of my own. After a season of playing American football, Simon was introduced to lacrosse and he joined the Duluth Wildcat team. This ended up being “his” sport and he just loved competing against rival schools.

Soon it was time to start Middle School. First year was at Duluth Middle, then we moved from Duluth to Rome (Georgia, not Italy, haha) for one year and right back to the Duluth / Suwanee area where Simon went to Hull Middle School for his last year.

Simon - Garies Girl
The Middle School Years

From here, it was on to High School and he became part of the lion family at Peachtree Ridge High School. Go Lions!!! We attended lacrosse games, band performances, school plays, homecoming dances, to name just a few. A whirlwind of events, tests, drop offs, and pick ups. Study sessions, school snacks, bake sales, friend visits and fundraisers became part of our weekly routines.

  • Simon - Garies Girl

How four years of high school passed so quickly is still a mystery to me. He changed from a little kid into a teenager and into a young man in the blink of an eye. Senior year looked much different than we all hoped for (2020, need I say more), but even this new normal of Digital Learning he handled without too many complaints and he “got it done”. They were also fortunate to have a senior season of lacrosse, which I know he really enjoyed.

The school and teachers worked very hard to have an in person graduation ceremony and it was an amazing feeling to hear them call his name and to watch him receive his diploma. High School done and dusted – the end of a successful school career!

High School Graduation – May 31, 2021

And now we are at a new starting point, the beginning of his college education.

Simon: May you enjoy all of it, from dorm life and roommates to cafeteria meals, late night study sessions and weekend fun. You are part of a new college family now at Georgia Southern. Go Eagles! Embrace this new chapter away from us, and come back home to visit often! We are so proud of you!

We will miss you! Love, Mom and Dad.

Simon in his new Residence Hall – Kennedy Hall

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