RV Life – We have Videos!

We are working on some posts for you about our RV life and general camping in the United States and wanted to include some videos! Pieter volunteered as my “on air talent” and did a great job with introducing our RV to you.

Cleaning the RV

We had to do a proper annual clean on our RV and realized you might be interested in what products work the best. We walk you through the three different ones we tried, showing you which one gave us the best results.

I wrote a full post about cleaning the RV – you can read more about it here: RV Life – Getting the Outside Clean

Tour of the Outside

While we bought the RV a couple of years ago, we are only now starting to use it on a frequent basis. You wanted to know what it looked like, so here is a tour of the outside:

Tour of the Outside of the RV

Tour of the Inside

This specific model offers A LOT of inside space. This is mainly created by the three slide outs, but also an excellent floorplan. The main living area is in the center of the RV, with two bedrooms – one on each end. When the kids are not camping with us, I use the second bedroom as a private office space.

Tour of the Inside of the RV

Our RV Camping Additions and Must Haves

I had a great time getting all our camping supplies together when we first bought this RV. The goal was to have all the basics, and only bring our food and clothes for camping trips. I mostly stayed with the existing brown/beige color pallet, which in truth is a bit dark. Over time, we added some additional items that make our camping trips easier and saves time on campsite setup.

You can watch this short video for an overview of our favorite additions:

RV Camping Must Haves

I hope you enjoyed our videos! I would love for you to let me know what you would like to see next about our RV and Camping Life!

RV Life - Our RV - Garies Girl
First Camp of the 2021 Season

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