Top 10 Halloween Must Haves for Under $20

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Time is running out if you were still thinking of decorating your house or yard for Halloween…  While a lot of you might have some time to create some DIY decorations (and I have some suggestions for you on that in my Last-Minute Halloween Decorations post), most of you would be more comfortable with ordering decorations online.

To make it a bit easier for you I’ve created this handy list of the Top 10 Halloween Must Haves for under $20 out there on Amazon.  And as a Prime Member, these decorations can show up on your doorstep before the weekend!  Just in time to get them up in your house or displayed out in the yard.

Must Have Halloween Decorations

1. Fireplace Decoration

Halloween Decoration

At just $7.99 this is a great item to add to your fireplace.  Its full name is a “mantel scarf” – doesn’t that sound fancy?  It can be a decoration all by itself or you can use it as a nice spooky backdrop for displaying other Halloween items.  Don’t have a fireplace?  Use it above a doorway or drape it over any other piece of furniture.  Very versatile indeed.

2. Halloween Ghost

Halloween Decoration

Tie this 10ft high Halloween ghost to the front of your house or in a big tree (if you have one) and sit back and watch your visitors’ reactions.  You can up the scare factor by shining one of your existing garden up-lights on it… Love the simple design and how little space it will take up in your Halloween storage bin.  And for just $9.99!  A great price for a great decoration.

Hanging Ghost

3. Spider Web

Halloween Decoration

You can never go wrong with using spider webs in your yard as decorations.  At just $10.80 you get a whopping 800 square feet of super stretchy spider web.

4. Spider

Must Haves E

No spiderweb is complete without a big hairy spider!  Here is a very affordable option and it is 5 feet in size.  You can bend the legs and pose this spider however you prefer.  Did you see the creepy red eyes?  At $11.95 it might just make sense to buy a couple of these, just saying 🙂

5. Yard Signs

Must Haves I

Beware of these yard signs!  They will be a nice addition to your front lawn and set the stage for Trick or Treaters.  Get six signs for $14.99.

6. Bloody Weapons Garland

Must Haves G

For the same price as the yard signs above, you can also get a bloody weapons garland.  Nothing says it is the scary season quite like some blood-splattered horror props on a string!  To take this up a notch, add more fake blood and scatter some plastic body parts about.

7. Animated Hanging Skeleton

Must Haves B

This is a sound-activated decoration with red LED eyes and a moving mouth.  Add some batteries and you can hang (or hide) this guy wherever you would like to scare those loud Trick or Treaters!  No scary price tag here either – pop this hanging skeleton in your cart for $16.95.

Hanging Skeleton

8. Skeleton Animals

With bendable tails and movable heads and jaws, the cat and rat skeletons will be a great addition to your decorations.  Made from durable plastic they will hold up great outside but can definitely be used indoors as well.  You will get both the cat and rat and it will only set you back $17.99.

9. Cocoon Corpse

Must Haves F

Nothing says Halloween quite like a full-size hanging corpse.  And even better if it appears to be wrapped in a cocoon!  This one features a partially visible skeleton covered with white faux silk wrapping. The price tag for this fun feature is $17.79.

10. Skeleton Ground-breaker

Halloween Decoration

What an easy way to scare your friends or the neighborhood kids!  Just push the stakes that are attached to the head and arms into the ground and you are ready for Halloween.  And check out the expression on the skull!  I can definitely see myself changing up his poses in the final days before Fright Night.   At $19.95 it is the most expensive item on my list, but hey, this skeleton will “stop them dead in their tracks”!

11. Halloween Fairy Lights

Halloween Must Haves

I know I’ve already listed 10 items, but this one was too good to leave off.  Another solar powered item that can be added to your front porch, mailbox or even in the bushes or trees around your house.  You get 30 lights on 21 feet of string.  Put up this $16.99 decoration and you have that instant Halloween feeling.  Pumpkin lights for the win!

Pumpkin Lights

And that is my list of the Top 10 Halloween Must Haves available on Amazon for under $20 each!  Order a couple or order them all!

Happy Halloween

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