From Bedroom to Office – The Back Story

The room I now use as my office is actually the bonus room.  Even though it does have a closet it is not officially counted as one of the bedrooms of the house.

The previous owners used it as a bedroom for their girls. One of the walls were painted pink while another featured some rather large and awkwardly placed cork boards. Two built-in benches, with storage underneath and shelving above, flag the one window. The bench seats were originally covered in pink fabric. The other window nook has a built-in dresser underneath it. There’s one teeny-tiny closet with three wire shelves (and no room for hanging clothes) in this room.

It was only natural that when we saw the house for the first time, my then 13-year-old daughter picked this room as her bedroom.  The other two upstairs bedrooms were painted blue and felt more like boy rooms. We never gave a second thought to how well it was insulated or where she would put all of her clothes. If she wanted the room we would make it work.

Office Before

Pink hasn’t been Sidney’s color for a couple of years now so the first thing we did to her room was to recover the bench seats in turquoise fabric. We also created some window valances using the same fabric. Since painting the whole house was going to be a room by room affair after we were settled in the light pink wall had to stay as-is for now.

Sidney’s queen size bed went against the one wall and her new (well, new to her) Ikea desk against the other wall. That left a perfect spot on the pink wall for my great grandmother’s wooden vanity table and bench. This was one of the few furniture items that we moved here from South Africa.

Sidney was perfectly happy to divide her clothes between the shelves in the closet and the drawers of the built-in dresser. Sure, the room was a bit warm in summer, but that didn’t bother her at the time.


Office Before

I ended up with the 4th and smallest bedroom as my office and was quite happy with that arrangement. Although small, it provided plenty of room for my desks, storage unit and even some additional seating in the form of a small, padded wooden chest.

It had a large bay window and there was a great view out the window which I could enjoy from my desk.  Having a view to the front of the house was really great for me since my previous office had high windows and thus a view of a wall 😦

Office Before

Office Bay Window Before

Soon enough winter came to Georgia and with temperatures in the thirties, Sidney’s room got cold quickly. Much colder than the rest of the house.  While she didn’t complain (she actually never does that), I knew something had to happen and switching rooms with her sounded like a good idea to me. She will move to my office and I will use her bedroom as my new office.

Let’s turn her bedroom into my office!  Follow the “From Bedroom to Office” link to read all about it.

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