How to Close the Curtain Side Gap

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Sometimes it’s a really small change or update that can make your life so much better and easier!  I made a small update to our curtains in the bedroom and solved a very annoying problem we had!

The Problem

We had light showing on the sides of our light-blocking curtains. A very unfortunately placed streetlight has been lighting up our room at night.  And when we did want to sleep in on weekends, we had sunlight creeping in past the curtain edges.

I’ve researched this little huge problem and only found some complicated solutions. From special curtain rod brackets to little eye hooks, none of the solutions looked like it will 100% block the light and be quick and easy to do.

Curtain Gap - Before

The Solution

I would have liked to take credit here but Pieter actually came up with the perfect solution – velcro! Sew some velcro onto the curtains and glue the other side to the wall. Now I know that sounds like a lot of work but I was up for the challenge and eager to go shopping for supplies.  Lucky for me I found an even better solution while out shopping.

The craft/sewing section at Walmart had a large velcro selection. They had the traditional velcro pieces but what caught my eye was some smaller, sticky velcro ovals. Sticky as in “stick to fabric sticky”. Lightbulb!  No need to do any sewing or glueing – these pieces of velcro will not only stick to my curtains but will also stick to the side of my window trim.

Velcro Ovals

I bought two packets and excitedly hurried home. It was really the easiest project ever. I placed the two sides of velcro together, stuck it to the curtain and stuck the other side to the side of the window trim. And that was it.

Velcro Ovals on Curtains

Repeated it four more times per curtain panel and problem solved. When the curtains are closed now, you can’t see light from the streetlight or the early morning sun.  And as an added bonus, the curtains now cover the edges of the window trim and give a much more finished look.

Curtain Gap - After

Where to Purchase

I found my velcro ovals while shopping at Walmart, but you don’t have to leave your couch to get yours.  You can get these right from Amazon.  And it is super cheap at less than $5 for 16x oval sets.

There you have it – add velcro to your curtains and window trim and close the curtain side gap for good!

Curtain Gap - Before & After

Can there even be an easier way to do this?  Let me know!

2 thoughts

  1. Brilliant! Thank you! Have been wondering if there was a solution to this annoying issue for quite some time! Finally used trusty Google search and found your genius solution right away! Will be heading out to buy my Velcro ovals today. Once and for all, my blackout curtains will finally block out all external light!


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